Anola is an unincorporated community located 24 km east of Winnipeg and 40 km north of Steinbach in the Rural Municipality of Springfield.

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MMF Status: Active

Métis Local #: 69

Number of Métis Citizens: Approximately 100

Population (2021 Census): Springfield (RM) - 16,142

Community Government/Council: Springfield Municipality

Role of Elders: Provide guidance

Languages Spoken: English

Available Care

Closest Access Hospital with Emergent or Urgent Care: Beausejour or Ste Anne's

Closest Pharmacy: Beausejour or Oakbank

Services available at the closest accesible nursing station/health centre/hospital/clinic that serves Métis people:
Beausejour: Acute Care, Diagnostic Imaging & Lab Services, Emergency/Out Patient Services, EMS / Ambulance, Medical Clinic, Occupational Therapy, Palliative Care, Physiotherapy, Rehab Services, Spiritual Care

Nearest access for being weighed: Beausejour Hospital

Cancer Navigation Line:
Interlake Eastern Toll free: 1-855-557-2273 Fax: 1-204-785-9243

Nearest Radiation Therapy Centre:

Nearest Community Cancer Program:


closest accessible bloodwork:
Beausejour Hospital

follow-up and primary care:
Call to make an appointment

closest acess to central line cleaning and inspection:
Beausejour Hospital

medical transportation:
Ambulance service

closest access to palliative care:
Winnipeg or Selkirk

closest access to homecare:

closest personal care and independent living facilities:
Dugald and Beausejour

closest physiotherapy access:

community care resources:
Senior programs in Beausejour and DugaldEastern Regional Health Authority in Oakbank MBThe Anola over 50 Club

closest accessible mental health supports:
Beausejour hospital and Winnipeg

closest access to medical supplies:
Beausejour has small items, or Winnipeg and Selkirk

closest access to groceries:
Oakbank, Beausejour and Winnipeg

transportation routes from the community to winnipeg:
Hwy 15 by car takes about 45 mins. Hwy 44 is also used it is a 4 lane HWY.

transportation routes from the community to the closest cancer program in the community:
45 mins to Wpg and 30 mins to Selkirk

risk of transportation loss:
Winter is the worst times as Hwy 15 is only two lanes and is very risky to drive in winter weather as some areas are open and very tricky to travel in windy conditions.