Cold Lake (previously Sherridon)

The community is located along the Keewatin Railway to Pukatawagan 156 km north of The Pas with the reserve 72 km further from Sherridon. A 78 km community-access gravelled road was constructed as part of the Puffy Lake Mine development and is connected to Provincial Trunk Highway 10 between Cranberry Portage and Flin Flon.

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MMF Status: Active

Métis Local #: 37

Number of Métis Citizens: 12

Population (2021 Census): Sherridon (designated place) - 56

Community Government/Council: Sherridon Community Council

Languages Spoken: English, Cree

Available Care

Closest Access Hospital with Emergent or Urgent Care: Flin Flon (3 hours away)

Closest Pharmacy: Flin Flon

Services available at the closest accesible nursing station/health centre/hospital/clinic that serves Métis people:
Flin Flon General Hospital: Acute Care, Inpatient Services, Palliative Care, Minor Surgery, Outpatient Services, Emergency Department, Diagnostic Services (Lab, X-ray, EKG, Ultrasound), Emergency Medical Services, Ambulance Station, Home Care Services, Adult Day Program, MB Telehealth

Nearest access for being weighed: Flin Flon Primary Health Centre

Cancer Navigation Line:
Northern Toll free: 1-855-740-9322 Fax: 1-204-677-5389

Nearest Radiation Therapy Centre:

Nearest Community Cancer Program:
Flin Flon


closest accessible bloodwork:
Travel to Flin Flon and get lab work completed at the hospital

follow-up and primary care:
Patients would have to travel to Flin Flon. They can make an appointment at the Primary Health Centre or they can attend the Same Day Clinic, at which they would need to call earlier in the day to make an appointment.

closest access to cancer related drugs:
There is chemotherapy available at the Flin Flon General Hosptal

closest acess to central line cleaning and inspection:
Flin Flon General Hospital

medical transportation:
Northern Patient Transportation Program

closest access to palliative care:
Palliative Care is available in Flin Flon

closest access to homecare:
There is Home Care access in Flin Flon

closest personal care and independent living facilities:
Flin Flon Personal Care home and Northern Lights Manor

closest physiotherapy access:
Flin Flon General Hospital

community care resources:
None available here in Cold Lake/Sherridon

closest accessible mental health supports:
Only in Flin Flon

closest access to medical supplies:
Flin Flon Pharmacy might have some

closest access to groceries:
Flin Flon, MB

transportation routes from the community to winnipeg:
8 hours drive by vehicle, air travel from Flin Flon, Manitoba and bus transportation from Cranberry Portage, Manitoba

transportation routes from the community to the closest cancer program in the community:
Flin Flon General Hospital has a chemotherapy department, all other access would be Cancer Care Manitoba Winnipeg, MB

risk of transportation loss:
Several times a year due to snow storms.