The main community section is on a point along the north shore of The Narrows which connects Cormorant Lake with Little Cormorant Lake. A single lane timber bridge/causeway connects the balance of the community on the south shore of The Narrows. Cormorant is situated on the east shore of Cormorant Lake in west central Manitoba, 48 km northeast of The Pas. Provincial Road 287 provides access from Provincial Trunk Highway 10 to The Pas.

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MMF Status: Active

Métis Local #: 27

Number of Métis Citizens: Approximately 42

Population (2021 Census): Cormorant (designated place) - 307

Community Government/Council: Cormorant Community Council

Role of Elders: We are trying to get elders involved in wayside and elder celebrations.

Languages Spoken: English

Available Care

Closest Access Hospital with Emergent or Urgent Care: The Pas

Closest Pharmacy: The Pas

Services available at the closest accesible nursing station/health centre/hospital/clinic that serves Métis people:
Cormorant nursing station for all medical needs. The current nurse there is Nora Constant 204-357-2161

Nearest access for being weighed: Cormorant Nursing Station

Cancer Navigation Line:
Northern Toll free: 1-855-740-9322 Fax: 1-204-677-5387

Nearest Radiation Therapy Centre:

Nearest Community Cancer Program:
The Pas


closest accessible bloodwork:
Nora Constant the nurse can do blood at her station in Cormorant and then it is sent in to The Pas Lab by taxi.

follow-up and primary care:
Follow up at the hospital and follow up for doctor referrals.

closest access to cancer related drugs:
Cormorant community citizens can get cancer related medication sent into the Nursing station by prearrangement.

closest acess to central line cleaning and inspection:
Yes this can be done at the nursing station in Cormorant by the Nurse and supplies are available.

medical transportation:
Cormorant has an on call person available for emergencies, a taxi driver that takes citizens for Medical appointments and an ambulance that comes from The Pas for emergencies.

closest access to palliative care:
The nearest palliative care unit would be in The Pas Hospital.

closest access to homecare:
NRHA in The Pas comes to do some homecare for citizens in Cormorant.

closest personal care and independent living facilities:
The Pas MB

closest physiotherapy access:
The Pas MB

community care resources:
Cormorant: baseball diamond, community hall, basketball, swimming, boating

closest accessible mental health supports:
MMF has some mental health support that we have advertised in our community.

closest access to medical supplies:
The Pas MB

closest access to groceries:
The Pas MB

transportation routes from the community to winnipeg:
It is an 8 hour drive to Winnipeg from Cormorant (there is also the option of taking a train which takes 18hrs, or taking a train to The Pas airport and flying to Winnipeg which takes 4hrs)

transportation routes from the community to the closest cancer program in the community:
6.5 hour drive from Cormorant to Brandon, 8 hour drive (or 4 hour train+fly-in) from Cormorant to Winnipeg

risk of transportation loss:
Snow storms happen often, the community has no maintenance person.