Duck Bay

Duck Bay is situated on a peninsula on the western shore of Lake Winnipegosis, bordered on the south by the Pine Creek reserve. Road access is provided by Provincial Road 272 through the reserve to Provincial Trunk Highway 20 which goes 128 km south to Dauphin or 105 km west to Swan River.

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MMF Status: Active

Métis Local #: 7

Population (2021 Census): Duck Bay (designated place) - 350

Community Government/Council: Mayor and Council

Role of Elders: Our elders are knowledge keepers, story tellers, medicine pickers and givers

Community History: Our community is on a peninsula on the west shore of lake Winnipegosis about 500 people, about 128 km south of Dauphin and 120 km east of Swan River

Languages Spoken: English, Michif, Saulteaux

Available Care

Closest Access Hospital with Emergent or Urgent Care: DauphinSwan River

Closest Pharmacy: DauphinSwan River

Services available at the closest accesible nursing station/health centre/hospital/clinic that serves Métis people:
Dauphin: Hospital, Ambulance, Pharmacy, 1.5 hours away Swan River: Hospital Pharmacy Ambulance 1.5 hours away Winnipegosis: Pharmacy, Ambulance 45 to 1 hour away The ambulance services many communities so we get from where ever they come from which can anywhere from 1 and half hours to 2 hours to get here Dauphin Pharmacy delivers meds to Camperville during the week and you can pick up from there which is 20 mins away

Nearest access for being weighed: In hospitals or clinics in Dauphin or Swan River

Cancer Navigation Line:
Prairie Mountain Toll free: 1-855-346-3710 Fax: 1-204-578-2833

Nearest Radiation Therapy Centre:

Nearest Community Cancer Program:
Swan River


closest accessible bloodwork:
In hospitals or clinics in Dauphin or Swan River

follow-up and primary care:
You have to go to Dauphin or Swan River. The nurse Practitioner in Winnipegosis don't take any new patients

closest access to cancer related drugs:
None if you don't have a health care worker that can give you the needles and most health care workers will not give needles. As for private health care worker with no training for the job will go get trained to give these needles.

closest acess to central line cleaning and inspection:
The hospitals in Dauphin or Swan River

medical transportation:
Cabs or ambulances for emergencies

closest access to palliative care:
Primary health care will provide a few hours a week. They offer patients to do their own hiring and their own payroll summit every month. Palliative care hours are limited to a maximum of approximately 7 hours a day per week. Personal care home patients are sent to the first available opening, which could be in Ste Rose or Roblin.

closest access to homecare:
Primary health through Swan River

closest personal care and independent living facilities:
Winnipegosis or Dauphin

closest physiotherapy access:
Winnipegosis, Swan River or Dauphin

closest accessible mental health supports:
None here, only Dauphin (1.5 hrs away) or Swan River (1 hr away)

closest access to medical supplies:
Medi Chair in Dauphin or Dauphin Mobility

closest access to groceries:
Dauphin, Swan River, Winnipegosis, Camperville (all are at least 1 hour trips)

transportation routes from the community to winnipeg:
Duck Bay is a 5 hour drive from Winnipeg

transportation routes from the community to the closest cancer program in the community:
Swan River (1.5 hr drive), Cancer Navigation in Ethelbert (1.5 hr drive), Cancer Services in Dauphin (1.5 hours away), or Winnipeg (5 hr drive)

risk of transportation loss:
Length of time to get an ambulance here. Winnipegosis is the closest.