Lac Du Bonnet

Lac du Bonnet town is located 115 km northeast of Winnipeg on the west shore of the Winnipeg River. It is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet.

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MMF Status: Active

Métis Local #: 73

Number of Métis Citizens: 326 registered Métis Citizens

Population (2021 Census): Lac du Bonnet (town) - 1,064 Lac du Bonnet (RM) - 3,563

Community Government/Council: RM of Lac du Bonnet, Local Government District of Pinawa, Town of Beausejour, RM of Brokenhead

Role of Elders: Family support 2 Elders are employed and meet with the inmates at the local Manitoba Gov Correctional centre @ Milner Ridge Elders would play a role at the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre (Aboriginal Theological and Ministry Training Program of the United Church) located one mile East of the town of Beausejour.

Languages Spoken: English, French, German, Ukranian, Polish

Available Care

Closest Access Hospital with Emergent or Urgent Care: There are two hospitals in the Lac du Bonnet Local MMF catchment area. Pinawa Hospital 30 Vanier Dr, Pinawa and Beausejour District Hospital, 151 First St. Beausejour, MB

Closest Pharmacy: Lac du Bonnet - Daley Pharmacy - 29 Park Ave, Lac du Bonnet / Pinawa - Pinawa Pharmacy - 40 Burrows Rd, Pinawa / Beausejour - Guardian Pharmacy - 635 Park Ave / Beausejour and the Recall Pharmacy - 651 Park Ave

Services available at the closest accesible nursing station/health centre/hospital/clinic that serves Métis people:
Lac du Bonnet Primary Health Care Centre - 89 McIntosh St, Lac du Bonnet PH - 204-345-8647 / Lac du Bonnet Medical Group - 40 Park Ave, Lac du Bonnet PH: 204-345-5555 / Pinawa Primary Health Care Centre - 30 Vanier Drive, Pinawa PH: 204-753-2351 / Beausejour Primary Health Care Centre - 151 First St. S, Beausejour, PH 204-268-4966 / HEW Primary Health Care Centre - 31 First St. S, Beausejour PH: 204-268-2288 / First Street Medical Clinic - 918 Park Ave, Beausejour, PH 204-268-3363 / Whitemouth Primary Health Care Centre, 75 Hospital St. Whitemouth PH: 204-348-2291

Nearest access for being weighed: All doctors offices have scales to weigh their clients

Cancer Navigation Line:
Interlake Eastern Toll free: 1-855-557-2273 Fax: 1-204-785-9244

Nearest Radiation Therapy Centre:

Nearest Community Cancer Program:


closest accessible bloodwork:
Diagnostic locations: Lac du Bonnet Primary Health Care Centre - 89 McIntosh St, Lac du Bonnet / Pinawa - Pinawa Hospital - 30 Vanier Rd, Pinawa / Whitemouth - Whitemouth District Health Centre - 75 Hospital Dr, Whitemouth / Beausejour - Beausejour Hospital District - 151 First St. (S) Beausejour - Beausejour dynacare Laboratory - 1st St S (located in the HEW clinic) People must travel to the labs to get bloodwork done.

follow-up and primary care:
Family Doctor finder can make it easier for one to find a team of healthcare professionals (including family doctors and/or nurse practitioners) as part of home clinic that provides you with a base for health care needs. Search the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority website ( and click on Find Us tab and then the Clinic drop down tab for all the clinics in your area. You may call your local clinic and ask for an appointment for new clients. Not all doctors are taking new clients.

closest access to cancer related drugs:
There is a group of specialists at the Pinawa Hospital that work with CancerCare Manitoba Oncologists and staff to provide comprehensive cancer care, including chemotherapy, follow-up care and support closer to home, allowing patients to stay connected to their families and communities.

closest acess to central line cleaning and inspection:
A visiting Home Care Nurse will see clients in their home or at nearby clinics to do routine care and routine flushing of central lines. Depending on the health of the client, some of these procedures may need to be scheduled at the local hospital.

medical transportation:
Handy-van services are designed to meet the transportation needs of persons who require specialized transit service related to age and disability. Community and municipal groups acting independently of Interlake-Eastern RHA make these services available. Lac du Bonnet/Pinawa - Two Rivers Transit - 204-753-2780Beausejour - Beausejour Handi-Van Service - 204-268-4123 / Whitemouth - Whitemouth Hands-Van Service - 204-348-2221

closest access to palliative care:
Components of the Palliative program in our region include: Pain and symptom management Interdisciplinary team approach volunteer services Grief and bereavement supportInformation services Education, Research, Resource Library Community care and involvement. Care-giver support Links with other programs/services resources for comfort care (e.g. specialized equipment) Contact Information: Clinical Team Manager Regional Palliative Care Program, Office: 204-886-4300 Palliative Care Nurse Specialist - East Office: 204-268-7473 Palliative Care Psychosocial Specialist - East Office: 204-753-5251

closest access to homecare:
Manitoba residents registered with Manitoba Health who require services or assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation or medication administration are eligible for home care service to allow them to remain safely in their home. Self referrals are accepted as well as referrals from physicians, hospitals, family/friends or other programs/agencies. Services provided are determined by a comprehensive assessment by the Home Care Case Coordinator and an individual plan is then developed with input from the client. Home Care offices: Lac du Bonnet/Pinawa PH: CC1: 204-345-1217 / CC2: 204--345-1235 / Beausejour PH: CC1: 204-268-6720 CC2: 204-268-6721 CC3: 204-268-6747 / Whitemouth PH: CC1: 204-348-4609

closest personal care and independent living facilities:
Lac du Bonnet Personal Care Home. 75 McIntosh St, Lac du Bonnet 204-345-1222 / Beausejour East-Gate Lodge, 646 James Ave, Beausejour 204-268-1029 / Whitemouth District Health Centre PCH, 75 Hospital St. Whitemouth 204-348-7191 Pinawa Ironwood Gardens - Elder Care 40 Vanier Ave, Pinawa 204-725-6629

closest physiotherapy access:
Individuals can access Interlake-Eastern RHA physiotherapy services when admitted to a hospital, residing in a personal care home or from within the community. To access free Services you must be referred by a health care professional, such as your physician or nurse practitioner. There are also a number of fee for service (private) physiotherapist in the Lac du Bonnet, Pinawa, and Beausejour areas.

community care resources:
The Interlake Eastern Community Wellness team offers a Wellness Connection E-Newsletter. Food & Nutrition: Craving Change workshops (A how-to workshop for changing relationships with food. Beausejour Community Kitchen. Get Better Together-Workshop that helps people with ongoing health conditions. Mrs. Lucci's Resource Centre. Senior Resource Councils: Provide services in the community by coordinating volunteers and fee for service providers to help seniors and people living with disabilities to maintain independence in the community Two Rivers Seniors Resource Council Inc. Lac du Bonnet 204-345-1227, Pinawa 204-753-2962 & Whitemouth 204-348-4610 Brokenhead Outreach for Seniors Inc. - Beausejour 204-268-7300 *Social Activities and Recreation: Recreation offices: Winnipeg River Recreation District - 55B McArthur Ave, Lac du Bonnet 204-345-8816-Lac du Bonnet Community Centre - 25 McArthur Ave 204-345-6737-Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet - 204-345-2619 Town of Beausejour Recreation - Sun grow Centre Brokenhead River Recreation Commission. - 204-268-9266 (ext 3)Youth Centres *Lac du Bonnet Youth Recreation Centre provides children from the ages of 12 to 18 a fun, safe and friendly space for after school three times a week. 204-345-2792 Pinawa Teen Center - Recreation centre - 20 Vanier Dr., Pinawa 204-753-2380 Survivor's Hope Crisis Centre - SARAH crisis program - provides support 24/7 to individuals reporting a historical or recent sexual assault at local RCMP detachments and emergency departments in Pinawa and Beausejour. Employment: JUST Training Corp. 4 park Ave, Lac du Bonnet -204-345-2686 Provides employment assistance services, career planning, job search, resume development, interview skills, and skills development assistance Network 4 Change: road 2 Success Program for Youth (16-29) 92 third Street South, Beausejour, 204-268-2506 Supported Employment Options - ACL Beausejour 204-268-4653. Supported Employment Options assists individuals who face intellectual, social, physical or learning barriers.

closest accessible mental health supports:
24 Hour Crisis Line is available to all MMF citizens in our area. 1-888-482-5361/204-482-5419 Mobile Crisis Unit - Adult & Youth Outreach team: 1-877-499-8770/204-482-5376 Interlake-Eastern RHA offers Adult, Child & Adolescent & Mental Health Services for the Elderly. All Community mental health services aim to provide comprehensive and strengths-based mental health assessments, recommendations, and treatment options, as well as consultation for those who may be presenting with symptoms suggestive of mental health problem/illness and/or co-occurring disorders. To inquire about these services, call Central intake at 1-866-757-6205 toll free. Mental Health Support Centres: Lac du Bonnet has a drop-in centre (82-2nd Street) servicing adult individuals with lived experience, and individuals who may be seeking mental health support. The drop-in centre provides a lunch program, coffee house, support and referrals, and a relaxing atmosphere with a garden area. Ph: 204-345-5570 Shared Care- a mental health program that involves primary health care providers working collaboratively with a Shared Care Mental Health Worker and a consulting psychiatrist. This collaborative model is to assist individuals with mental health difficulties by accessing mental health services in a timely manner within the familiarity of their medical clinic. - Shared care is located at Beausejour Primary Care Clinic, 151-1st St. South Beausejour Health Office. Community Wellness Initiative: A collaboration between the IERHA and Manitoba Housing which supports the overall mental health and wellness of tenants living in public housing and assists tenants to bring about positive change in their communities. The key outcome of the program is "capacity building." A group program is offered at Lac du. Bonnet Bonny Vista Lodge and in Beausejour at Southaven, 651 James Ave, Armstrong Manor @ 190 3rd St and at Twin Maples - 60-1 4th St.

closest access to medical supplies:
Some Medical supplies can be accessed through local pharmacies. If someone is assessed by a Occupational therapists working for Interlake-Eastern RHA they can also order supplies for that person. There is a medical supply store in Beausejour. MaxAbility Mobility - 418 Park Ave, Beausejour 204-268-3329

closest access to groceries:
Lac du Bonnet, Pinawa, Beausejour, Whitemouth

transportation routes from the community to winnipeg:
Lac du Bonnet to downtown Winnipeg - approx 109 km. 1 hr 16 min travel time. Can take hwy 317 to hwy 59 or another way is Hwy 11 to hwy 214 to hwy 44 to hwy 59 Beausejour to downtown Winnipeg approx 62 km. 49 minutes. Hwy 215 to Hwy 44 to Hwy 59 Pinawa to downtown Winnipeg - 116 km, 1 hr 21 min travel time - Travel 13 km on MB-211 W, left on Hwy 11 for 8.8 km then turn right onto Hwy 44 for 30 km and then hwy 59 Whitemouth - 108 km, 1 hr 15 min travel time. Take Trunk Hwy 44W/MB-ll for 44 km, turn right on 44W, Left on Hwy 12 S/MB-44W then turn Right to MB hwy 59.

transportation routes from the community to the closest cancer program in the community:
The closest Cancer Care site for our area is at the Pinawa hospital Lac du Bonnet - Pinawa Hospital - 27 km - 19 min travel time Beausejour - Pinawa Hospital 54 km - 35 min travel timeWhiteout - Pinawa hospital 37 km - 25 min travel time

risk of transportation loss:
There is alway a risk of transportation loss in the winter. Last winter that would of occurred Approximately 6 times where the roads were closed due to storms.