Norway House

The community is located on the east channel of the Nelson River, 29 km north of Lake Winnipeg. Provincial Road 373 serves as an all-weather road connecting Norway House to Jenpeg and Provincial Trunk Highway 6. All internal community roads are paved. By air, it is 456 km north of Winnipeg, 208 km east of The Pas and 190 km south of Thompson.

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Métis Local #: 49

Population (2021 Census): Norway House (designated place) - 363Norway House 17 (reserve) - 5,390

Community Government/Council: The community is represented by a mayor and council under The Northern Affairs Act

Remoteness: Isolated

Available Care

Cancer Navigation Line:
Northern Toll free: 1-855-740-9322 Fax: 1-204-677-5399

Nearest Radiation Therapy Centre:
CCMB (Winnipeg)

Nearest Community Cancer Program:

Telehealth Access:
Norway House Clinic Phone: 204-359-8225 Norway House Indian Hospital Phone: 204-359-8205