St. Laurent

St. Laurent is a community on the eastern shore of Lake Manitoba. It lies within the boundaries of the Rural Municipality of St. Laurent, 70 km from Winnipeg.

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MMF Status: Active

Métis Local #: 63

Number of Métis Citizens: Approximately 1000

Population (2021 Census): St. Laurent (RM) - 1,542

Community Government/Council: RM of St. Laurent

Role of Elders: There is an Elder in community who volunteers to work with people. This would usually happen through community connections. Community Connector position will likely end in March 2023. Renior Resource Coordinator.

Community History: There is assisted living in St. Laurent. It is not as involved as a personal care home. Neil Gaudry Centre - the community health centre is not the Neil Gaudry Centre. There is a bilingual Service Canada office through the Government of Manitoba. Two people work in the office and could help with Health Cards. St. Laurent District Recreation Director or Coordinator for activities and resources. Manitoba Housing Manager in St. Laurent to help with housing. MMF Métis Community Liaison Department and bereavement fund. Firewood program and hampers. The Interlake person is in St. Laurent. Dentist in St. Laurent. St. Larent is a historically-Métis settlement.

Languages Spoken: English, Michif-French, French. The Michif that is spoken in St. Laurent is a very French based Michif which is different from the more Cree based Michif.

Available Care

Closest Access Hospital with Emergent or Urgent Care: Stonewall & District Health Centre (40 mins away), E.M Crowe Memorial Hospital in Eriksdale (30 mins away)

Closest Pharmacy: St. Laurent Pharmacy (not open on the weekends) helpful pharmacist, MEDOCare Pharmacy in Winnipeg (this pharmacy is specifically for Métis citizens) - 150 Henry

Services available at the closest accesible nursing station/health centre/hospital/clinic that serves Métis people:
St. Laurent Community Health Centre: laboratory services every Tuesday mornings with appointment, Nurse Practitioner in Monday – Thursday with appointment, Doctor in on Fridays with appointment but leaving soon and not sure if he will be replaced, Public Health Nurse in 2 days a week, Home Care Co-Ordinator in Monday – Friday. Services such as wound changes can be arranged with the on-site nurse. There are also specialist doctors who come. Senior Resource Coordinator as well. Lundar Community Health: Nurse Practitioner in Monday – Friday with appointment. For acute care you will be asked to make appointment with your GP. This clinic also has Public Health & Home Care services Stonewall Clinic is also used by people from St. Laurent

Nearest access for being weighed: St Laurent Community Health Centre

Cancer Navigation Line:
Interlake Eastern Toll free: 1-855-557-2273 Fax: 1-204-785-9242

Nearest Radiation Therapy Centre:

Nearest Community Cancer Program:


closest accessible bloodwork:
St Laurent Community Health Centre has a laboratory on Tuesday mornings with appointment. It may take two weeks to get an appt.

follow-up and primary care:
The St. Laurent Community Health Centre has a Nurse Practitioner & GP, however if you are not a patient from there you are asked to follow-up with your own GP regardless of where they are located.

closest access to cancer related drugs:
The Pharmacy is a good resource.

closest acess to central line cleaning and inspection:
St. Laurent Community Health Centre located at the Neil Gaudry Centre Assisted Living Centre 150 Parish Lane St. Laurent, MB. Offers Pick Line Flushes with a doctor referral.

medical transportation:
Ambulance and volunteer drivers coordinated through the Community Connector. The Stonewall Handivan may also be available.

closest access to palliative care:
Palliative care access in Stonewall Hospital.

closest access to homecare:
Home care access at the St Laurent Community Health Centre and through Lundar Community Health

closest personal care and independent living facilities:
Personal care homes in Eriksdale and Stonewall

closest physiotherapy access:
There is a a physiotherapist at the hospital and privately in Stonewall

community care resources:
Community Connectors located at the MMF St. Laurent IMA Office & a Community Connector through the RM of St. Laurent. Carly Jones is a Community Engagement Liaison working out of the St. Laurent Health Clinic.

closest accessible mental health supports:
Offered through the Stonewall Hospital. An intake is the first contact made and then you wait for specialist referral. These referrals can be a long wait and often there may be no direct services providers in or around your area. Interlake 24 hour crises 204-482-5419. Mobile Crises Unit 204-482-5376

closest access to medical supplies:
St. Laurent pharmacy or in Winnipeg. Senior Resource Person.

closest access to groceries:
There are grocery stores in St. Laurent

transportation routes from the community to winnipeg:
Winnipeg is a 1 hour drive from St. Laurent to the perimeter

transportation routes from the community to the closest cancer program in the community:
Winnipeg and Selkirk are the closest cancer care programs

risk of transportation loss:
Highway road conditions