St. Theresa Point First Nation

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Four Arrows Regional Health Authority Inc. WRHA Island Lake Tribal Council


Population (2021 Census): 3,417

Band Office Contact Information:
St. Theresa Point MB, R0B 1J0 Phone: 204-462-2106 Fax: 204-462-2646

Languages Spoken: Anishininewmowin

Available Care

Health Centre:
St. Theresa Point Health Authority 204-462-2106

Cancer Navigation Line:
Northern Toll free: 1-855-740-9322 Fax: 1-204-677-5389

Health Director:
Mr. Elvin Flett St. Theresa Point Health Authority PO Box 290, St. Theresa Point, MB, R0B 1J0 Phone: 204-462-2279 Fax: 204-462-2646

Nearest Radiation Therapy Centre:

Nearest Community Cancer Program:

Telehealth Access:
St. Theresa Point Nursing Station Contact site for availability before booking Phone: 204-462-2473


transportation route
St. Theresa Point’s airport is not located in the community therefore to reach the community during break-up and freeze-up, you must travel by helicopter, or snowmobile. During the summer a boat taxi and medical transport boat is available for patients. The winter road is accessible for approximately 6 weeks depending on the weather.