Thicket Portage

Thicket Portage is a community in northern Manitoba located on the Hudson Bay Railway. The community receives passenger rail service at the Thicket Portage railway station. The community has no all-weather road access. The community is serviced by year-round train access, local airport, and winter ice roads. The railway provides the only all-year surface transportation linkage. A winter road is established for six to eight weeks every year. The community is 48 km south of Thompson and 256 km northeast of The Pas.

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Métis Local #: 53

Population (2021 Census): Thicket Portage (designated place) - 109

Community Government/Council: The community is represented by a mayor and council under The Northern Affairs Act

Remoteness: Isolated

Available Care

Cancer Navigation Line:
Northern Toll free: 1-855-740-9322 Fax: 1-204-677-5402

Nearest Radiation Therapy Centre:
CCMB (Winnipeg)

Nearest Community Cancer Program:

Telehealth Access:
Thompson General Hospital 871 Thompson Drive South Thompson Phone: 204-677-2381