Giigewigamig Traditional Healing Centre

Giigewigamig Traditional Healing Centre is located in the Pine Falls Health Complex. The Giigewigamig Traditional Healing Centre was the vision of the First Nation communities of Sagkeeng, Black River, Hollow Water and Bloodvein who came together to manage program development of the ne
traditional healing centre at Pine Falls. “Giigewigamig” means “A place of healing,” in Ojibway which was named by the Rev. Ernest McPherson Senior of Black River.

The mission is to create a place in the hospital for loved ones to support family members who may be ill and seeking care in the hospital, and ​​​​offers a place where family can prepare traditional meals and medicine for loved ones in the hospital, provides access to First Nations traditions, culture, language, healing ceremonies, medicines, and teachings to provide holistic and natural care for all people.

It was designed to provide better, more culturally appropriate health care services to families in Sagkeeng, Black River, Hollow Water, and Bloodvein and the surrounding Métis communities. Giigewigamig Traditional Healing Centre provides space for Traditional Healers and Elders, an additional nurse practitioner, a First Nation and Métis outreach liaison, a medical lab assistant and spaces for support services. Community members are offered coordinated spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical care that meets their needs. Giigewigamig Traditional Healing Centre provides patient interpretation and advocacy, and Inspires a new standard of quality health care, and advocacy for greater accountability to honour the Treaty Right to health.

If you are a CancerCare Manitoba or Community Cancer Program staff person, there is additional information that may be of use through the CCMB Underserved Populations Program Sharepoint . If you are having difficulty accessing the link, please be in touch at or call the toll-free number 1-855-881-4395.